More than just a pretty cake...

21st Birthday Cakes, Durbanville, Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

21st Birthday Cakes for boys and girls….Sorry, we mean men and women.

You have come of age, you’re now officially an adult, it’s a very important birthday celebration and it deserves a great 21st birthday cake.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create a unique 21st birthday cake to match your requirements and personality, be it a fun cake or a more serious cake.

Equally important to the unique design of your special 21st birthday cake is the taste, it is going to be eaten after all, so we ensure it’s not just fun to look at, but utterly delicious too.

Have fun on your 21st and call Taylored Treats for your one of a kind 21st birthday cake.

Contact Us for pricing on our delicious Taylor Made Custom 21st Birthday Cakes.

21st Birthday Cake for soccer fans, Durbanville Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

21st Birthday Cake for the Football fan.

Classic 21st Birthday Cake for girls, Durbanville Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

Classic in Gold and White 21st Birthday Cake.

21st Birthday Cake Durbanville.

A Masked 21st Birthday Cake.

Tuxedo 21st Birthday Cake, Durbanville Cape Town Northern Suburbs

The formal Tuxedo 21st Birthday Cake.

Above are some samples of our favourite 21st Birthday Cakes.

Do you have an idea for a great 21st Birthday Cake? give us a call. We'll happily custom design a 21st Birthday Cake just for you.