More than just a pretty cake...

Delicious Taylor Made, Custom Cakes baked in our Durbanville ovens.

Special events are just that….Special, and a standard off the shelf cake just won’t do, you need a one of a kind cake, a cake that reflects the unique personality of the individual or couple who are celebrating that special day.

The Cake very often forms the centre piece of your table, make it a conversation piece too.

Taylored Treats thrives on the challenge of capturing your unique personality in a delicious Taylor Made cake.

Just give us a call, give us your brief and set us free to see what our baking creativity comes up with.

We have had the pleasure of baking some truly stunning cakes for some really special people in the past, like our R2D2 cakes with lights and sound or our very popular Minion Cake family.

For more ideas on our special Taylor Made Cakes view our Custom Cake Gallery below.

This creative baking process may take some time, so please don’t leave it to the last minute to order your special Taylor Made Cake, we request at least 3 days warning please.

Just about any custom made cake you can think of, below are just a few samples of our work over the years.

Yes, we can also deliver your favourite cake!

The Love Cake, Durbanville, Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

The Love Cake

Why not express your love for each other with a love cake. Not only on your wedding day, but anytime....an anniversary or any other day that is memorable or holds a special meaning to you.. sharing a delicious cake is a bonding experience.

Muppet Birthday Cake, Durbanville, Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

The Muppet Cake

For the kids, cartoon character cakes are always a big hit with the younger ones. ideal for birthday cakes.

Classic Wedding Cake, Durbanville, Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

The Wedding Cake

The ever popular and iconic Wedding Cake. Weddings are the one life event that simply must have a cake....a very special cake. At Taylored Treats wedding cakes are our speciality and passion. We thrive on the challenge of baking that one incredible cake creation for your very special day, a cake you'll remember the rest of your life.

Minion Batman Birthday Cake, Durbanville, Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

The Minion Cake

A very popular kiddies cake, the minion cake, although in this case he seems somewhat confused. He's not sure if he's a minion cake or a batman cake, or maybe just a bit of both.

Ninja Turtle Birthday Cake Durbanville, Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

The Ninja Turtle Cake

For the kids, and sometimes the adults too. Who wouldn't want a cake that portrays their favourite movie or comic stars. Perfect for boys birthday cakes.

21st Birthday Cake, Durbanville, Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

21st Birthday Cake

Hopefully we'll all celebrate many birthdays, but a 21st is somehow a special birthday and requires a 21st Birthday Cake to match. We can design a unique and special 21st birthday cake especially for you.

Smartphone Cupcakes, Durbanville, Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

Cup Cakes

Cup Cakes are perfect the perfect all round treat. Cup Cakes can be pre-packaged and customised as gifts, served with tea or as an alternative to a large cake for any function or special occassion. Quick and convenient Cup Cakes.

Clock Cake, Durbanville, Cape Town Northern Suburbs.

The Anytime Cake

Sometimes we don't need an excuse or a specific reason for a delicious cake, we just feel like eating cake because we enjoy eating cake, and why not, our cakes are delicious so feel free to tuck in anytime.

Have an idea for a Custom Cake in mind?

Just Give us a call, we'd love to blow your mind with one of our incredibly delicious cake creations. Pricing for Taylor Made Custom Cakes on request.